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Public Attributes

FASTX Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      char   input_sequence_id_prefix [1]
      char   name [MAX_SEQ_LINE_LENGTH+1]
   char   dummy_read_id_buffer [MAX_SEQ_LINE_LENGTH+2]
union {
   struct {
      char   input_name2_prefix [1]
      char   name2 [MAX_SEQ_LINE_LENGTH+1]
   char   dummy_read_id2_buffer [MAX_SEQ_LINE_LENGTH+2]
int allow_input_filetype
int allow_lowercase
int allow_N
int allow_U
int allowed_nucleotides [256]
int compress_output
int copy_input_fastq_format_to_output
int fastq_ascii_quality_offset
FILE * input
char input_file_name [PATH_MAX]
unsigned long long input_line_number
char nucleotides [MAX_SEQ_LINE_LENGTH+1]
size_t num_input_reads
size_t num_input_sequences
size_t num_output_reads
size_t num_output_sequences
FILE * output
char output_file_name [PATH_MAX]
char output_sequence_id_prefix
int quality [MAX_SEQ_LINE_LENGTH+1]
int read_fastq
int read_fastq_ascii
int write_fastq
int write_fastq_ascii

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file fastx.h.

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